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The continued decline in multiple-newspaper cities led congress to pass the newspaper preservation act of 1970, which allowed competing newspapers to merge essentially all of their operations outside the newsroom if one or both were in financial distress. Ask is it authentically me? Do you hear my voice? Is it different from what the other 20,000 kids applying could write? Procrastinate. The rise of the one-newspaper town, combined with the general trend towards corporate ownership and shared corporate profits, has made it more difficult for any special-interest newspaper to successfully compete for advertising dollars and subscription revenues...

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Writing an academic essay means fashioning a coherent set of ideas into an argument. The rise of the one-newspaper town coincided with a shift in thinking on the part of editors, who had to begin seeing their readers less as voters and more as news consumers. Most newspapers still strive to maintain at least a 11 news-advertising ratio. This trend, combined with a general postwar disillusionment towards extreme political and social ideas, accelerated an existing trend towards the objective model of newsgathering. The newspaper guild also has seen a decline in its relative importance and its membership...

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Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. Create a thesis statement or question. Corporate ownership combined with public financing can also mean that companies have an available pool of money from which to draw for special projects, better coverage, and the hiring process. The ethnic and religious press has been affected by the general decline of the mainstream newspaper press. Take a look at this presentation and accompanying handout on developing critical academic writing.

Prominent british geneticist offers defence in long-running misconduct investigation david latchman says he did not have direct involvement in images at the heart of criticized papers from his group...

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The 1930s brought the great depression to the united states, and newspapers suffered along with the rest of the economy. Small changes are magnified at small newspapers, which generally have smaller staffs than larger-circulation papers and are thus more likely to be affected by cuts that could be thought insignificant at larger organizations. Lobbying organizations command a disproportionate amount of newspaper coverage compared with their actual power and the amount of the population they represent essentially because of their skill at working the media and ensuring that they provide newsworthy events on command...